Defence forces protected by forward security, mobile security and protect their bases

Basic goal is to counter threats against defence force assets and operations and to conserve the forces' fighting potential.

Personnel must be able to identify threats, determine ways to counter them to protect theirself and resources to enable mission accomplishment.

The 3D space around the base from which the enemy might impact air or land operations is critical to base defense planning.

Is your air base or land base a potential risk? Do you want to secure airpower assets? Do you have needs to protect your personnel at your fixed or mobile bases?

BATS speaks the language of defence force protection. As a trusted company that exists more than 30 years, we help you acting to deter and prevent such attacks against your bases so it is a safe place.

We can protect your military bases with innovative high-end tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

We counter the long-term defence forces security risks and threats with our high-performant and scalable solutions 24 by 7 in all circumstances.

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