The need to drastically improve the protection of borders from hostile elements such as terrorists, infiltrators and other illegal activities ask for much more attention from security personnel.

The perspective has largely changed and the recognition that these are real and present dangers has led to the will of investing in enhancement of such security systems worldwide.

By providing you a comprehensive solution, our networked technology allows to detect and assess a threat, track its movement and identify the intruder in real time.

To protect your country from intrusion from air, sea and land, we can deliver electronic state-of-the-art systems, modular, to provide an easy tailored system answering constantly changing operational requirements.

We integrate border surveillance solutions that provide tactical surveillance & control, automatic threat alert and timely designation for intervention units.

We have integrated already different security sensors and systems and we can interface other major security systems, such as databases, air-defense, intelligence agencies, etc. and exchange information with them.

By supporting the strengths of multiple technologies, you take advantage of current:

  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Advanced tracking radars
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Unattended ground sensor systems
  • UAV
  • Advanced command and control systems.

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