BATS is an electronics company specialized in the design, development and supply of advanced technology solutions in the fields of Defence and Homeland Security. Main areas of application are battlefield surveillance, force protection, critical infrastructure protection as well as border / coastal surveillance and protection.

Founded in 1984, BATS is situated in the Liège Science Park in Belgium and is has been, among many other customers worldwide, a privileged systems provider of the Belgian Army (e.g. Battlefield Surveillance Radar) since BATS' establishment.

While BATS remains a major actor in the industrial defence sector, the company has diversified into the Homeland security (HLS) sector, and specializing in the design, development and supply of solutions based on advanced technologies. BATS cooperates with European institutions and industrial groups. BATS is an approved supplier to NATO and the European Commission. The solutions, products and systems being offered by BATS are based on the required standards in the field, including various ISO standards (e.g. ISO 9001), AQAP 2110, MIL-STD and more. BATS systems are operational worldwide and are endorsed by the full satisfaction of its customers.

BATS provides global, integrated solutions combining a wide range of sensors such as surveillance radars, electro-optic systems, COMINT systems, optics, seismic sensors etc. designed to work in concert. Our solutions provide a comprehensive layered approach and deliver superior awareness and actionable intelligence.


BATS provides unique system-of-systems solutions for a broad spectrum of needs in space, air, land, sea and homeland defense, including:

  • Homeland Security (HLS) solutions
  • Critical infrastructure security (oil, gas, refineries, power plants)
  • Force Protection
  • Ground Surveillance Radars, Air Defense Radar, Coastal Surveillance Radars
  • Cyber solutions, C4I solutions
  • EO payloads, communications
  • and many other technologies, products and services.

BATS uniqueness is especially based on its comprehensive range of advanced detection and tracking radar systems, for short and long ranges, which enables the design of very efficient protection solutions, both for military and civilian applications.

BATS’ Defence and HLS systems are operational worldwide and are continuously improved on the basis of lessons learnt and customers’ operational feed-back.

BATS further provides system analysis, system assembly, system maintenance and integrated logistics support (ILS) for our customers.