Provide wider Situational Awareness, actionable intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

BATS is an electronics company specialized in the design, development and supply of advanced technology solutions in the fields of Defence and Homeland Security.

Main areas of operation and application are:

Are you looking for solutions that provide a comprehensive layered approach?

Are you expecting solutions that enable capabilities of precise targeting, effective actionable intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance?

Situational Awareness (SA) is a mission critical requirement (=what is happening) which results in a comprehensive appreciation of the situation (=who, where, why and how) and understanding of the problem.

Commanders take responsibility for intelligence, dependent of timely, accurate and detailed information.

This asks for the right information about the environment as well as the possible threats, to make decisions, at the right time.

The superiority of BATS' solutions enables your staff to operate in complex rapid changing operational environments. To optimize the understanding and analysing all the information, judge and act, you uses a wide range of intelligence sources.

SA relies mainly on rugged, reliable communications, advanced multifunction sensors, and secure complex network links.

BATS provides global, integrated solutions combining a wide range of sensors such as thermographic cameras, surveillance radars, anti-drone radar, tactical air defense radars, coastal surveillance radarsCOMINT systems, seismic sensors, and C4 etc. All our solutions are designed to work in concert.

To make everything available, our knowledge sensors get a central position to support your customer requirements and to detect movements, provide precise location and track intruders: terrorists, smugglers and other threats, 24/7 in virtually any lightning and any weather conditions.

BATS' wide range of solutions allows developing your homeland security adapted to each case.