Maximum value for products entire life cycle

Our clients invest in their homeland security and expect that the equipment functions well for many years. The BATS team has the experience to support all aspects of maintenance and operational support.

BATS provides total program engineering and technical assistance and supplies support services in all aspects of:

  • acquisition
  • integration
  • deployment in the field
  • installation
  • operational and field support

of all our products to end-users.

BATS has created a specific System Engineering Support Network workflow and is the expert in:

  • Configuration Management: configuration management plan, product configuration baseline and change management
  • Reliability: reliablity program plan, product reliability, failures reporting, analysis and corrective actions, service life, MTBF, and operational availability
  • Maintainability: includes O-I-D-level
  • ILS: logistic support analysis
  • Safety: ensure hazards to personnel or equipment resulting from any failure and defects/malfunctions are minimized or eliminated using standard safety design guidelines
  • Quality Assurance: quality assurance plan, first article inspection, component qualification, record retention and traceability, control of materials.