Lakes, coastal borders, seaport and naval bases protection to ensure maritime awareness

Do you have a coast line of thousands of kilometers? You have a real challenge to protect it against foreign intrusions.

Are you looking to ensure your coastal borders and ports to be secure, safe and resilient and a national importance?

You want to do coastal surveillance against intruders like detecting swimmers and small boats transporting refugees and smuggling drugs? You want to detect automatically intruders from the sea before reaching the country border?

Are you preventing intentional damage by sabotage in your ports and want to secure your naval assets?

BATS speaks the language of coastal security and protection. As a trusted company that exists more than 30 years, we help you to build a secure coastal frontier.

We can protect your lakes, your coastal borders, your seaports and naval bases with innovative high-end tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

We counter the long-term coastal security risks and threats with our high-performant, precision and scalable solutions 24 by 7 in all circumstances, even over the horizon. This results in a long range coastal radar infrastructure that can be managed professionally. A rapid surveillance and fast response by your coast guard authorities is supported, thanks to a very sophisticated networked C4I that enables real-time maritime awareness.

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