The Tactical Multi Mission (TMMR)38 Radar is an advanced fully phased array radar, without any rotating parts, operating in S-Band. It provides tactical air surveillance optimized to detect and track any flying objects such as fighter aircrafts, helicopters, UAV and other airborne platforms. It also features a Counter-Rocket-Artillery-Mortar (CRAM) capability, making it a true Tactical Multi-Mission Radar. It can serve as a gap filler for larger surveillance systems, as well as air defence system for critical sites and infrastructures.

The TMMR38 radar system is capable of filling existing critical gaps in coverage due to terrain and other manmade blockages. The TMMR38 is a military equipment and is designed for 24/7 operation in harsh environments.

TMMR38 can be mounted either on a vehicle or on a tower, with local and remote control capability.


The radar is of modular design, easy to install and maintain.

The antennas, covering up to four 90 degree sectors each, are capable of Transmitting and Receiving at the same time; signal processing is performed in parallel for the all sectors, therefore, increasing the probability of detection and the update rate and allowing efficient operation versus high maneuvering targets.


The TMMR-38 can operate in the following modes:

  • Air Defence Mode (Gap filler, target acquisition)
  • Slow Movement Ultralight Target Detection Mode (cUAS)
  • RAM Detection Mode (CRAM)


Different configurations and performances are available, e.g. half-size antennas, full-size antennas, standard range, extended range.



  • Medium range, up to 200 KM. over 100 KM for fighter A/C
  • State of the art technology, digital 3D full AESA GaN Solid State, S Band Radar
  • Built-in redundancy
  • No preventive/periodic maintenances
  • No moving parts
  • Track While Scan (TWS) and Target Prioritization for dedicated targets


The TMMR-38 system can be deployed very fast with self-location and self-calibration capabilities - up to 5 minutes for system deployment readiness. This enables great mobility performance required for the tactical forces. The system can be deployed with only a two personnel team and is capable to operate fully automatically.


CRAM38 mobile1  CRAM38 mobile2  


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