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Are you looking to support air defense systems providing warning and target designation to Surface-to-Air weapon systems, including MANPADS?

Must the system perform automatically? With a high probability detection of low altitude flying targets? In any area and all weather conditions, 24/7? The system must be fast deployable and operational from march position to combat position in less than 30 minutes, and vice versa? You want to save on personnel because the fast deployment by a small crew doesn't require for special personnel or equipment?

Your solution in tactical military radars is our AD06 ATAR (Advanced Tactical Acquisition Radar), an L-band medium range tactical radar detecting a wide variety of low radar-cross-section (RCS) targets.

The AD06 ATAR Radar System is a 3D, solid state, elevation phased array, AESA, fully coherent pulse Doppler Radar implementing state-of-the-art technologies, such as Digital Signal Processing, (DSP), and Moving Target Identification (MTI) Processing.

It achieves 180 km (100 NM) instrumental detection range for a wide variety of flying platforms, including low-level high-speed attack aircraft, hovering helicopters and low velocity ultra-light aircraft and UAV's. Even cruise missiles are included within its detection envelope.

The AD06 ATAR provides not only classification of aircrafts and helicopters, but also, by use of a special interrogation mode, identification of different types of helicopters and, additionally, it can classify the helicopter type according to its blade returns.

The system includes the primary surveillance radar integrated with Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) interrogator-processor that serves as a secondary radar. The IFF results and  the radar detections are combined and presented on the system display unit.

The system can be deployed also as a gap filler for supporting C3I centers for Air Traffic Control (ATC).

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