The BATS GR-14 compact and advanced Ground Surveillance Radar is a solid state, linear frequency modulation continuous wave (LFMCW) radar operating in the K frequency band. The radar has no moving parts and uses concurrent multiple beams in azimuth to create a broad field of view (90°), thereby avoiding the need for mechanical or electronic scanning to cover the area of interest. The radar uses signal-to-signal integration to achieve an effective signal-to-noise ratio.


Each target within the field of view is illuminated repeatedly during every radar cycle, resulting in a continuous update of the target. This radar gets the nickname of "staring" radar.

In operational use by military, paramilitary and security agencies, the radar instantly detects, monitors and tracks all moving targets in the Region of Interest (ROI), such as a walking person at 1 km and a moving vehicle at 2 km.

The GR-14 performs 50 simultaneous search, detection, and tracking of targets and has a low probability of intercept (LPI). Typically, a target track is displayed within 10 sec from initial movement.

The GR-14 radar has no rotational parts. 

GR14 2

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