The BATS GR-12 family Surveillance Radars is a family of advanced high resolution radars with unique and outstanding capabilities.

Featuring simultaneous multi-beam technology, these radars provide persistent surveillance and instantaneous target detection and tracking over a wide area using FMCW technology.

The GR-12 radars are designed for dual use - ground and sea surface surveillance - even in adverse weather conditions.

These radars feature up to 4 stationary (non-rotating) planar antennas, each covering a sector of 90 degrees.

Covering detection ranges from 300 m up to 22.000 m for a moving person or a rubber boat and ranges of up to 44.000 m for a moving vehicle or a sailboat, enables cutting edge radar technologies.

The GR-12 family is available in many variants: v2.5, v5, v10, v15 and v22.

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