GR12 - 5 km

The BATS GR-12v5 Advanced Ground Surveillance Radar is an instantaneous and continuous multi-beam solid state FMCW radar. As any LFMCW radar, the transmitted energy spreads over a broad frequency spectrum and time domain. The end result is a very low peak power density and low probability of intercept (LPI), giving the GR-12v5 good immunity to electronic countermeasures.


In operational use by military, paramilitary and security agencies, the radar instantly detects, monitors and tracks all moving targets in the Region of Interest (ROI), such as a walking person at 5 km, a moving vehicle at 10 km, and various boats and vessels at sea up to 32 km.

Each moving target within the field of view is illuminated repeatedly during every radar cycle, resulting in a continuous update of the target. This approach produces an effect similar to that of a video camera and appropriately earns the radar the nickname of a “staring” radar, which is its unique capability. Unlike most radars this radar does not have a scanning beam (mechanical or electronic), but covers the entire area of interest simultaneously. The multiple beams give the GR-12v5 a high resolution in azimuth. For detecting ground targets in areas with a large range of altitudes (e.g. mountainous areas), an optimal elevation beam width is used.

The GR-12v5 performs 300 simultaneous search, detection, and tracking of targets and has a high probability of detection in all weather conditions, over land as well as over water simultaneously. Typically, a target track is displayed within 10 sec from initial movement.

The GR-12 radar has no rotational parts, it has a multi-beam array with digital beam forming, resulting in a very high MTBF. 

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