Passive Cellular Traffic Monitoring

The BATS state-of-the-art passive GSM DF (Direction Finding) system allows accurate geo-location of target mobiles.

It is a compact system, robust and may be portable or installed in a dedicated "standard" vehicle with proper specific retrofits.

Modes of operation

The BATS DF system can be operated in a:

  • stand-alone mode
  • or in a remote triggered mode

and is capable of measuring direction to mobile telephones in high accuracy. The target identification is either extracted from the network signalling or from an external source.

System operation and target monitoring consists on intuitive operator interface with operational management capabilities.


GSM Interception

The GSM Interception includes enhanced and comprehensive RF and signal processing capabilities allowing interception and monitoring of GSM (2G) voice and SMS traffic, directly off the air, in a passive manner and without interfering with the operation of the cellular network.

Supported cellular GSM frequency bands

The system provides tools for GSM traffic monitoring filtering, tracking of specific targets and supports off-line exploitation. It supports all the cellular GSM frequency bands 900, 1800 MHz including E-GSM. The system supports production of up to 10 base stations simultaneously and production and recording of 16 voice calls simultaneously.

Real-time/near real-time deciphering

The system performs A/5.2 deciphering in real-time utilizing a built-in deciphering unit. A/5.1 deciphering is performed in near real-time by a state-of-the-art deciphering system.


This system has limited availability to national security organizations only.

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