Protection of homeland borders and perimeter of vital assets are a critical priority task

BATS’s tailored operational solution, the autonomous, integrated, interoperable Multi Sensor Information and Surveillance System (MSISS), ensures that the owner of such a system will be able to:

  • detect
  • locate
  • and target intruders (i.e. terrorists, smugglers, illegal migrants and other threats)

24 hours a day, at all weather and bad visibility conditions.

MSISS server(s) and/or client station(s) in Command & Control Centre(s) can gather and process information from a multitude of sensors, i.e. Radar, Electro Optical Devices and other optional sensing devices, e.g. Electronic Fence Sensors, Ground Sensors, Building Management Systems, creating a tactical Unified Awareness Situation Picture (UASP) using a sensor correlation algorithm to inform intervention units, in real time, about any relevant threat and events (e.g. detected people, vehicles, fire, intrusion etc.).

Using such a system increases the effectiveness of border and perimeter management and creation of favourable conditions in which the eventual threats can be met and taken care of.

Guard units can be deployed and sent to handle the threats locally upon need. To all its users, the interoperable system provides a rich graphical, geographical information system (GIS) that provides a single operator with the ability to manage a large amount of sensors in a singular, easy to use and automatic system.

All the data / operational information received from the sensors (e.g. targets, BMS alerts) is merged (data fusion) and presented in a graphical, interactive, easy-to-use presentation overlaid on top of geographical maps and other graphical layers.

The operator operates the different sensors in an easy, similar and intuitive way, providing a fast learning curve and fast operational readiness for operating the system.

The system operates in an automatic way, using advanced algorithms for sensor correlation, alert and threat analysis and automatic procedures, such as camera slewing and enslavement. Each event, depending on the geographical area of jurisdiction, will create a single entry in the system.


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