"Over-the-hill" real-time visual intelligence

Our UAS-50 is a mature, advanced, combat-proven, extended performance electric mini-UAS, optimized to provide covert, extended range real-time visual intelligence. The UAS is unique in its abilitity to fly even in strong winds and on cloudy or rainy days, assuring high operational availability for 3-4 hours and a communication range up to 50 km (optionally extendable to 80 km).

BATS' UAS-50 system provides Intelligence, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities.

The system is capable of operating in segregated airspace, following segregation procedures with manned aircraft. The system will manage the traffic information transmutation with the Mission ATC tower with a radio communication on radio frequencies.

Fully autonomous, from its point of launch to its accurate parachute and airbag recovery, the system delivers autonomous ease of use and high reliability, providing a very versatile and stable ISR platform.

Combining a stabilized CCD and IR payloads with proprietary ground exploitation software, the UAS allows for GPS-marked imagery to be relayed in real-time to the ground station. It presents an ultimate solution for supporting real-time video missions for open area as well as urban scenarios for military, peace keeping, low intensity conflict, security, law enforcement, S&R, disaster management and commercial applications.

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