Locate fire squad positions, distribute selective warning alarms and enable an effective fire response

Do you want to support your ground forces missions, including force protection?

Is a fast response required to enemy attacks and friendly fire recorrection?

You want to detect low RCS & slow flying airborne targets (such as UAVs, gliders and hovering platforms)?

Your solution is our mobile autonomous CRAM radar system.


CRAM stands for Counter Rockets, Artillery & Mortars system.

The BATS CRAM38 Radar system is a Tactical, Mobile and Combat Proven Radar system with Multi-Mission Capabilities enabling to perform:

  • Weapon Location Missions
  • C-RAM Search and Track Missions
  • Sense and Warn missions
  • Detection (range > 15 km) and Tracking of aerial platforms
  • Providing complementary information to Command & Control.


The CRAM38 Radar systems main mission is to provide a high/low trajectory weapon targets intelligence and enables rapid and effective response for the tactical forces.

The CRAM38 is based on Full AESA (3D) Pulse Doppler S-band radar with a capability of detecting low Radar Cross Section (RCS) with low/high velocity targets such as artillery shells, mortar rounds and rockets fired at low/high quadrant elevation.

The CRAM is designed with the most advanced technology and algorithms. One example of its technology advantage is the state-of-the-art CRAM38 antenna that provides an optimal combination of frequency band, full phased array, transmitting power and antenna size, giving the CRAM unique advantages in the battlefield, such as:

  • very high detection range
  • very high launch point accuracies
  • early warning - very close to threat launch time
  • high reliable system - very low false alarm rate.

The radar performs automatically tracks and does classification of the targets in order to predict highly accurate Point of Origin (POO) and Point of Impact (POI). The information is transmitted and reported, via a fast communication system, to friendly forces to indicate and warn on the relevant threats.

The CRAM38 system can be installed on various customer mobile or stationary platforms as HMMWV, APC, ATV, etc (depending on the required configuration - 360/180/90 degrees).

CRAM38 mobile1  CRAM38 mobile2  


The 90/180 degrees installation is preferable due to Line of Sight (LOS) limitations of the topographic area and the common operational need for coverage. This enables an optimal and flexible coverage capability.

The CRAM38 system can be deployed very fast with self-location and self-calibration capabilities - up to 5 minutes for system deployment readiness. This enables great mobility performance required for the tactical forces. The system can be deployed with only a two personnel team and is capable to operate fully automatically.

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