Medium Range Multi-Sensor Surveillance System for perimeter security and HLS

BATS' Firefly 500 is an uncooled compact multi-sensor system designed for perimeter security using medium range radar, automatic target classification, one panoramic picture of 4X HD Low Light cameras and an option for thermal PTZ camera.

Objects detected by the Radar, or Video Analysis are transmitted to the command and control center (C2) or can be locally recorded on the system for future extraction.

Using ONVIF protocol the Firefly 5000 can be easily installed and integrated with any kind of C4I system for video storage and remote control.

The Firefly 500 enables an easy installation with day and night capabilities.

Firefly500 applications 

This uncooled system gives the highest detection with lowest false alarm rate and has a low TCO and a longer MTBF.The third party integration is very easy to perform.

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