Visual Detection and Identification System

Our multi-sensor Electro-Optic system is equipped with a day and night vision system which allows observation in total darkness and under all weather conditions, even in fog, rain or snow.

This system consists of:

  • a thermal camera
  • day-night high resolution camera with very high optical zoom
  • placed on a movable Pan-Tilt platform
  • Laser Range Finder.

The MWIR Thermal Camera is a cooled, Medium Wave Infra-Red (MWIR) thermal imaging cameras. It employs the latest focal plane array technology to meet long-range surveillance and target identification requirements. The camera has a very high life span (2 times higher than most cameras in this range), because it is fitted with long life cooler and use HOT detector type (XBn) that runs at higher temperatures than regular InSb detectors thus expanding the lifetime of the cooler. The camera incorporate continuous zoom lenses with autofocus and F/4 to ensure high sensitivity even with high magnification. This makes the camera an ideal tool for very long-range observation over sea and land.

cooled MWIR thermal camera 

High Definition Day/Night Camera

The Day/Night camera is an integrated unit, based on a highly sensitive CMOS megapixel camera module with sensitivity equal to EM-CCD technology and combined with powerful zoom lens. It is designed to deliver high-performance images, even under the harshest conditions, in temperatures ranging from -32°C to + 55°C with IP66 protection, built according to MIL-810 standards.

HD day night camera 


Pan-Tilt Seeker

The Pan-Tilt Seeker is a robust compact unit with high accuracy and dynamic speed range. Thanks to its innovative slip-ring design it can support virtually any payload that fit its weight and torque profile.

Pan Tilt Seeker 


Video Processing Unit

The video processing unit (VPU-ST) is a hardware processing unit that is the “brains” of the multi sensor system. It combines all the payloads and Pan-Tilt unit into a single unit for the external observer and enable a single Ethernet connection to the whole unit including access to video streams and control of the entire system. VPU-ST enables standard protocols such as ONVIF (optional) or dedicated advanced protocol that includes video as well as status and control. It has a powerful built in processor that enables functions like:

  • ONVIF (optional) and/or dedicated advanced protocol
  • H.264 Video encoding for all video payloads
  • Video stabilization with roll correction
  • Video tracking (optional)
  • Video presentation
  • Motion detection.


Laser Range Finder

The LRF represents the ultimate long-distance laser rangefinder. It is light weight and features ranging capability up to 20 km with high 5 m precision. With reduced measurement ranges LRF meets high continuous measurement rates up to 200 Hz.

Upon measuring a distance of a target, and with the information taken from the seeker position (Azimuth = PAN, Elevation = TILT) the target will be marked on the operator Map.


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Pictures from XRC-EO225LRF at this page for illustration only.