We are confronted with cyberthreats each day. BATS is the specialist for the security of your critical infrastructure in cyberspace.

BATS provides defense forces, governments and large companies with cyber intelligence from Social media.

Our solution provides passive threat intelligence from the open and the dark net. The system allows effective wide coverage of social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and even localized social networks.

It enables the end users to efficiently operate a large number of virtual entities, while achieving maximum potential via the system's adaptive learning capabilities and minimizing the risk of exposure.

The system does not provide accessibility to traffic within closed groups on social networks, it can also be used to perform digital Human Intelligence by directly contacting targets.

The system has the following main benefits:

  • proven operations experience
  • systematic execution of a defined strategy
  • aligning day-today activities of personnel with the strategy
  • enforcing standards and best practices
  • reducing detection risks
  • enable detailed auditing and review by management
  • recording all interactions for analysis and intelligence gathering
  • reducing dependency on personnel.


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