Robust communications network for military & civil security applications

Modern military and security forces are engaged in numerous complex missions: fighting against terrorism and at the same time supporting rescue operations in natural disasters. Their operational environment varies widely including urban, semi-urban/rural, open country and jungle, as well as operation in all weather conditions.

These forces utilize a range of resources demanding real-time video, access to "big data" and complex image information.

In military and HLS applications, it is essential to have a robust communication network available to support the different mission and user requirements to overcome the shortcoming of traditional military communications equipment. They look for the same (commercial) 4G LTE technology, with the necessary military adaptions.

Operational scenarios

The following operational scenarios are relevant:

  • static broadband network operating On-The-Halt (OTH) or from fixed locations; static network node and mobile users
  • mobile, On-The-Move (OTM) broadband network for tactical forces; generally installed on vehicles
  • dismounted forces broadband network, adapted for use by dismounted forces; man-packed and/or handheld/wearable devices.


Network in a box

The BATS' tactical 4G LTE is a cellular network solution for Military & Security applications.

This category of products are a complete 4G LTE "Network in a box" (NIB) and contain all the elements required to create an independent all IP network, as well as being a part of a larger network. It includes an LTE base station, an LTE network core and an applications server that can run multiple applications.


Related products

The Tactical 4G product line includes various products:

  • On-The-Halt (OTH) Macro LTE node

This is a field-deployable Macro LTE node supporting hundreds of users, primarily designed for installation in fixed locations - i.e. in buildings, shelters, etc.

 macro node

  • Tactical 4G Mobile LTE Node

This is a "mini" macro node designed for installation both in fixed locations, as well vehicles.

  • Tactical MAN On-The-Move (OTM) LTE nodes

Military grade, light-weight, low power, broadband communications and information system that can be carried by a single dismounted person or mounted on a vehicle or other small platforms.

It can be used in stand alone mode or in ad-hoc network mode.

tacvehicle    tacman

  • Mini Tactical MAN LTE Nodes

This is the smallest component and mainly designed for airborne platforms, relay functionality and connecting between tactical LTE nodes, either on land or through the air.

  • End User devices

BATS' Tactical 4G equipment supports a variety of end user devices in order to accommodate the great variety in customer requirements: smartphones, tablets, dongles, LTE based equipment, accessories and BATS' end user devices.

Typical scenario for Tactical 4G equipment:

tacman underground


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