The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has arrested two men on Saturday afternoon May 8th 2021 who were searching the grounds of Twente Airport (NL) for a drone that had landed on the grounds earlier that day. This is reported by 112Twente. One of the men had climbed over the fence during the search and was in a restricted area.

It is still unclear where exactly the men were flying and what the reason was for the drone to land on the airport grounds. Both men were arrested and taken to the police office to make a police report.

In the area around the airport it is forbidden to fly drones if one is operating in the Open category. Although this is not controlled airspace, it is a so-called Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ) where in principle radio contact is required (RMZ). In apps such as GoDrone and Aeret, the area is clearly marked as a no-fly zone.