Two foreign tourists who let a drone fly above the Binnenhof in the center of The Hague on Tuesday evening July 21th have caused a lot of commotion. The area was briefly cordoned off by police vehicles and the police helicopter also briefly arrived. The tourists received a warning and were sent with a fine in their pocket.

The airspace above the buildings of the House of Representatives, the Binnenhof and Huis ten Bosch palace is normally a strictly prohibited area for all forms of civil aviation, including drones. The no-fly zone in question is indicated on aviation maps as EHP-26.

However, two foreign tourists were not aware of this flight ban. They let their drone, a DJI Mavic Air 2, fly over the Binnenhof to make recordings. The drone was soon noticed, after which the police err on the side of caution and closed off the area. The help of the police helicopter was also requested.

Fortunately, the two did not mean any harm. The tourists were able to leave, but not after a ticket was issued for flying a drone in a no-fly zone.

In any case, current Dutch regulations do not allow drones to be flown over areas with consecutive buildings.

Source: Dronewatch