Not a week goes by without a scandal around the new Justice Complex Zaanstad in The Netherlands. This time, a video has surfaced on Instagram showing how items are smuggled in with the help of a drone. The prison is investigating what to do about this.

The footage shows prisoners using a broken ventilation grate to get items wrapped in tape into their cells. The drone cannot be seen, but it is obvious that it was used to deliver the package.
Previously, attempts were regularly made to smuggle prohibited items in via visitors, but Corona has made this more difficult. The detainees have to sit behind a Plexiglas plate during the visit to prevent contamination.

Not the first drone incident
The package has been confiscated. According to a spokesman, there were no phones, drugs or weapons in it, but he would not say what it contained. The two detainees who brought in the contraband in the video have been given a sanction, according to DJI.
It is not the first incident with a drone. What is remarkable is that the detainees filmed it and posted it on Instagram. Different methods are used. It has happened twice that parcels were dropped on the courtyard. Parcels are also left hanging from a rope under the drone so that they can be angled inside. DJI thinks that the images on Instagram were taken recently, but does not know exactly when.

Source: Beveiligingnieuws