During the weekend of July 13-14th 2022, the police seized a drone that was used to fly over festivalgoers on the grounds of the Zwarte Cross. The drone was spotted by the drone detection team of the National Police Force. During the festival, a temporary no-fly zone for drones and other civilian air traffic was set up, in the form of a so-called TGB.

The 25th edition of the legendary festival Zwarte Cross took place in Lichtenvoorde (NL). For the safety of the visitors, a temporary no-fly zone was set up for drones and other civil air traffic. A Temporary Restricted Area (TGB) was established for this purpose. Only pre-registered aircraft of enforcement and emergency services were allowed to fly within the TGB.

During the festival, however, an unauthorised drone was spotted near the festival site at the Vosdijk in Vragender. Using a drone detection system, the location of the drone pilot could be determined, after which the man was stopped by the police. His drone was confiscated.

A police spokesperson provides more details on the arrest and confiscation:
"The pilot of this drone was not only flying above a crowd, in a TGB but also much higher than 120 metres. This can lead to dangerous situations as various (emergency) services are flying around doing their work in the airspace. The drone operator has been traced and addressed. His drone was confiscated by the drone team of the East Netherlands Police Force and an official report will be drawn up against him. The public prosecutor will decide what will happen to the drone."
The police also used a drone for aerial surveillance. The drone in question was a DJI M210. It was powered by a cable from the ground. Such a cable drone can remain in the air for hours, for the purpose of crowd control or traffic monitoring.

Source: Dronewatch