Police arrested two men last Sunday night, 25-26th of September 2022, who were about to smuggle drugs and a phone into the Dordrecht penitentiary using a drone. Police Dordrecht reported this on Facebook. Staff at the facility had already been monitoring the two men via the camera system for a while. The men were handed over to the criminal investigation department.

According to the police, the men had been watched for some time 'because they were working on something'. When the police came to check on them after an alert by prison staff, they found that a drone was on the ground with drugs, a charger and a smartphone attached to it. "Piece by piece goods that are strictly prohibited in a PI," Police Dordrecht said.

The men initially denied having anything to do with the drone, but officers did not buy that. The two were arrested and handed over to the criminal investigation department. The drone used in the smuggling attempt was a DJI Phantom 4, which can carry over 0.5 kg of extra weight. The LEDs were taped off, probably to make the drone as invisible as possible in the darkness.

It is increasingly common for drones to be used to bring contraband over prison walls. For this reason, Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen is installing drone detection systems at all penitentiaries in the Netherlands. Earlier, FNV Netherlands urged for measures, including to protect staff from smuggled in weapons.

Source: Dronewatch