As it turns out, a serious incident occurred in Canada in February. A police helicopter collided with a police drone during a joint mission over British Columbia. The helicopter could be safely grounded and no one was injured, but the Canadian Investigation Board labeled the incident as "very serious."

The two aircrafts involved were an AS350 B3 helicopter and a SkyRanger R60 surveillance drone from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Both aircrafts were involved in a "police action" near the village of Houston in the state of British Columbia.

At a flight altitude of approx. 100 meters, the drone and helicopter collided. The drone was completely destroyed by the helicopter's rotor. The helicopter pilot noticed a short-lasting vibration and immediately put his plane in a clearing.

The incident occurred in February, but details have only now come out through the Civil Aviation Daily Occurence Reporting System (CADORS).

The helicopter has been inspected and repaired, the investigation report shows. There is nothing left of the drone.

The drone in question is a system from Aeryon Systems and costs approximately CAD $ 100,000. The weight of the drone including payload is approximately 5 kg. The device is especially popular with defense and police units and is widely used for surveillance applications.

The incident has been labeled 'midair collision' and is classified as a type 5 incident, on a scale of 6.

The lesson to be learned is that the risk of a collision between an unmanned and manned aircraft at low altitude during a joint mission should not be underestimated.

Source: Dronewatch