A drone that the police force in The Hague supervised in the Zuiderpark flew away on Saturday April 11 th for an unknown cause. Region15.nl reports this. The drone flew over the city for about a kilometer and then landed. Local residents found the drone and alerted the police. The incident has been reported and is being investigated.

The drone was used to view from the air whether visitors to the Zuiderpark were complying with the distance requirements related to corona. After the police lost control of the drone above the Zuiderpark, it quickly fell out of sight. A search in the park was unsuccessful.

It later turned out that the drone had traveled about a kilometer above the city. The plane had ended up at the junction of the Soestdijksekade with the Hilversumsestraat, just between a few bicycles. Local residents found the drone and called the police, who then picked it up.

Miraculously, the drone was not damaged on landing. Nobody was injured either. The drone in question is an Inspire 2 from DJI. This unit has a weight of 4 kg.

The cause of the fly-away is not yet clear. Normally, a drone of this type will return to the takeoff location if the connection fails. The drone might have a GPS malfunction, after which the aircraft drifted with the wind. Another explanation is that the drone had no GPS lock at the time of takeoff. Finally, it is conceivable that the drone was in ATTI mode, without the pilot being aware of it.

Source: Dronewatch