Drone attacks are every terrorism detective's nightmare. Because they can be controlled and detonated remotely.

Now for the first time such a drone has been seized in France. Ready for use. The Belgian police have also been warned.

The facts date back to October, but now photos of the find, which is considered a European first, have leaked. The police and the judiciary will not comment further, but they are taking the matter very seriously. French investigators are investigating whether there was a concrete goal.

The 22-year-old suspect was not known to the court and was therefore not monitored by terrorists.

It was during a regular traffic check that the officers found the explosives by chance. The Renault Kangoo was pulled over on the A31 near Nancy for a traffic check. According to the driver, who behaved very nervous, it was not his vehicle, but he had to take the car to Montpellier for a friend. It is unclear who that friend was. The man does not cooperate with the investigators.

There was a drone on the passenger seat. Further investigation by the vigilant officers and customs officers, who also participated in the surveillance action, revealed that the drone had been converted and that it could take "luggage" with him. Two sticks of explosives were found in the car. And detonators. Everything could be detonated via the remote control.

The suspect, who also carried drugs, is now locked up in prison for drug trafficking and transportation and possession of incendiary and explosive products. But the investigation is still ongoing and could be reclassified in a terrorism investigation.

The young man does not want to say what he planned with the drone or who his clients, if any, were. But experts have since confirmed that it was not a toy. That the drone had indeed been converted to be detonated.

Source: Het Nieuwsblad