To prevent drones from being used to smuggle drugs, cash, phones or even weapons into prisons, the French government is going to invest in so-called counter UAS systems.

All over the world, drones are increasingly being used to smuggle prohibited goods over prison walls. This has led to a game of cat and mouse with detention centre managers, who do everything they can to prevent such smuggling attempts. Ranging from nets over courtyards to high-tech drone detectors, everything is done to prevent drone smuggling. But it is all a case of mopping up.

Some French prisons report up to three attempts a week to use drones to get contraband to detainees. In high-security facilities where detection and disruption technology has already been installed, such smuggling attempts have been drastically reduced or even stopped altogether.

France has now decided to put an end to drone smuggling once and for all and will buy systems to counter the use of drones around prisons.

Source: Dronewatch