A 42-year-old American died in early April as a result of a fall while searching for his drone. The New York State police reported this. The drone had crashed during a flight from a road along a gorge and landed on a lower ledge. The man then attempted to secure the drone, but suffered a fatal fall.

The accident occurred along State Route 97, near a lookout point called Hawk's Nest. The location is known for its winding roads and scenic views of the Delaware River Valley. In the early morning of 5 April 2022, Binh Ledinh took off his drone from the road to get some shots. But a little after 7.30am, the drone crashed, only to land on a ledge five metres below.

The man decided to descend to the ledge in order to recover his drone. But during the scramble he slipped and fell a hundred metres to the ground. As the man had not been heard from for hours, his wife raised the alarm a little after noon.

Rescue workers located the man almost two hours later, but were unable to reach him due to the steep terrain. Eventually, the fire brigade and a specialised rescue team were called in to reach the man. Unfortunately, they had to conclude that the man was dead. The victim was then transferred to a lifeboat moored in the river below.

Source: Dronewatch