In the US, controversy has arisen about a video showing how a drone is passed by a helicopter just below. The U.S. aviation authority FAA has initiated an investigation into the authenticity of the video. According to the creator of the video, he flew below the maximum allowed flight height for drones at the time of the incident.

Suppose you fly as a recreational drone pilot at an altitude of 120 meters, the maximum permissible flight height for drones, and you collide with a low-flying sports plane or helicopter. Who is wrong then? In principle, the drone pilot, because according to the law, he must give priority to all other air traffic. But what if you did not see that other air traffic coming properly, or did not have time to avoid it?

This discussion has flared up in the US as a result of the video below. According to the drone pilot, he was flying his Mavic Pro Platinum off the coast of Hollywood Beach in Florida when a helicopter suddenly appeared on his screen. The video shows how the helicopter flies just below the drone, after which the drone makes a 180° turn and you can just see how the helicopter disappears again.

Source: Dronewatch