In eastern Saudi Arabia, a drone attack was carried out on the port of Ras Tanoura on Sunday March 7th 2021, targeting the oil installations of energy group Aramco. This confirms the Saudi Ministry of Energy.

In a residential area in Dhahraan, where thousands of Aramco employees and their families live, remains of a rocket fell. There would be no injuries or significant damage, Riyadh says.

The attack is claimed by the Houthi rebels from Yemen. 14 Drones coming from overseas and a ballistic missile were fired at oil and military installations in Saudi Arabia, which has launched airstrikes earlier that day in Yemen's capital, Sanaa.

The port of Ras Tanoura is the largest oil transfer point in the world. Two other Aramco facilities have been targeted this month.

Previously, the oil installations of Aramco were under drone attack in 2018 and in 2019 (Abqaiq oil-processing plant and Khurais field).

Source: De Standaard