Demonstration of the ground and coastal surveillance radar GR12


BATS held a live demonstration of the latest generation’s surveillance radars on 28 March 2012 in Wenduine (Belgium). Two members of the GR12 family of persistent FMCW radars were presented on this occasion: v5 and v10 (for specifications, see download centre on this site). The performance of these radars, unmatched so far in terms of accuracy and detection of small ground, maritime or even aerial targets in the tactical range were showcased at difference distance.


The GR12, coupled with an electro-optics, was operated first in a ground environment to detect movements of vehicles and pedestrian. The Command and Control centre was able not only to automatically detect and, at the same time track all targets, but also to provide accurate pictures. Such capabilities are required in many scenarios both by armed forces as well as by law enforcement forces.


Then, the attendance could witness the performance of the GR12 in a maritime environment: small embarkations were detected at long distance and their route tracked permanently.  The GR12 was also able to detect swimmers, a capability very useful for search and rescue services which are particularly challenged on the Belgian coast during the touristic season.