From the beginning, BATS has established itself as a supplier of the armed forces.

After having developed the Battlefield Surveillance Radar (SCB) of the Belgian Land Component, BATS offers today a full array of latest generation radars : ground and coastal surveillance, air-defence radars, multirole radars, C-RAM systems, airborne radars for UAV etc.



The set of BATS systems contributes to cover requirements related to :


ISR (Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance): intelligence gathering has become first priority.  SIGINT systems are now complementing the surveillance radars: off-the-air GSM interception and DF system, HF SIGINT system, Direction Finders etc.


Force Protection: details


  • BATS multisensors based and integrated solutions (radars, electro-optics, seismic sensors etc.) are particularly adapted for the protection of camps and deployments,


  • For vehicle protection, BATS offers autonomous radar or optical systems which provide detection and location of hostile fire (RPG, tank rounds, antitank rockets, ATGM). They can be coupled with hard-kill or soft-kill countermeasures and thus provide an effective protection for vehicles.


  • For C-RAM (Counter Rockets-Artillery-Mortars), BATS' solution is an autonomous tactical mobile system which detects and tracks ballistic ammunitions trajectories. It determines the launch point and predicts the impact location. As such, the alert can be transmitted to the threatened forces and the data sent to artillery units for counter-battery.