Aviation maintenance

BATS is the senior group of a multinational company serving customers around the globe.

BATS AVIATION provides under one roof the best-value, comprehensive maintenance services for aircraft, engines and components, including heavy maintenance, modifications, upgrades, conversions and development programs, all at minimum down time.


Our main business lines:

  • Full Service Provider (FSP) for Maintenance of Aircraft, Engines and Components
  • Cargo Conversion Programs
  • Military Programs including Conversion & Upgrade of Special Missions Aircraft


BATS AVIATION allows its customers to utilize their assets reliably and concentrate on what they do best: providing service to passengers.                                        

The MRO Group is certified by the FAA, EASA, and many other major civil aviation authorities.




Our extensive, modern facilities provide the full spectrum of maintenance and overhaul services, handling both wide- and narrow-body aircraft, 160 of them annually, including Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed, Airbus, and others.

The Group handles more than 550 engines every year, including Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, CFMI, and others, from disassembly to test bench.

In a complex of modern shops our experienced teams maintain and service 40,000 components a year:

hydraulic components, gearboxes, landing gears and avionics equipment. We have developed a specialized expertise in auxiliary power units.


BATS AVIATION has a world-leadership positioning as an aircraft cargo conversion house with over 35 years of experience. We are also a leader in converting B767 MMTT (Multi-Mission Tanker Transport).

BATS converted aircraft have already over 2,000,000 flying hours accumulated

BATS Aviation Group is active through four main operating divisions: 

  • The Aircraft and Programs Divisions handle conversions, modification, upgrading and total-maintenance packages for all types of commercial and military aircraft.
  • The Engines division is a total service facility for maintenance, repair overhaul, conversion and testing of commercial and military engines and accessories.
  • The Components division is active maintenance, overhaul, modification, repair and testing of commercial and military components


BATS AVIATION is a leader in Air Refuelling Capabilities:

  • Systems development - PODS, HDU's, FBW Boom, Advanced Operator Station and Electro-Optical Viewing System
  • Integration on B707, C-130, IL-78 aircraft and B767MMTT
  • Tens of conversions to AAR for more than 12 customers worldwide
  • Conversion of more than 200 combat aircraft and helicopters as receivers


What makes us different?

We strive to be your best choice!

  • BATS AVIATION experience and legacy
  • Full service provider
  • OEM capabilities: design, certification & production
  • High quality, reliability & best value product
  • Global Customer Support 7/24/365

We have decades of experience and accumulated expertise in providing under-one-roof best value civil and military aircraft services.

This record supports a variety of intensive research and development programs, carried out independently or at the request of third parties.





Full spectrum of maintenance, modifications and overhaul services on wide body and narrow body aircraft, including:

  • Boeing/(McDonnell Douglas)
  • Lockheed
  • Airbus
  • Business Executive Jets



From disassembly to test bench, full spectrum of repairs, overhauls, modifications, upgrades, conversions and parts refurbishment of civil and military aircraft engines, including:

  • Pratt & Whitney
  • GE
  • CFMI
  • RR
  • Honeywell
  • PWC
  • IAE



Maintenance, overhaul and upgrades of 13,000 types of civil and military aircraft components, including:

  • Hydraulic and fuel components
  • Gear boxes
  • Landing gears
  • Avionics equipment
  •  Specialized expertise in Auxiliary Power Units - APUs
  • Pneumatic & E.C.S components
  • CSD/IDG Transmissions
  • Main and tail rotor blades, transmissions & dynamic component





  • Heavy maintenance, including "C" and "D" checks in various locations around the world
  • Total maintenance support services - "Full Service Provider"
  • Full coverage, on-site line maintenance - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Aging modification and life extension programs - nacelle strut and wing modifications
  •  Accident damage repairs
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Cargo conversions
  • Interior reconfiguration & refurbishment.
  • Special mission aircraft conversions – air-to-air refuelling tankers, intelligence and airborne early warning, maritime air patrol, anti-submarine warfare - COMINT/ELINT/SIGINT/electro-optics, etc.
  • Cockpit modernizations/system upgrades - avionics, fuel, hydraulics, electrical.
  • Communications/navigation system modernizations.
  • Development programs - re-engining, weight reduction, fire protection systems, in-flight automatic storage systems.





Our dedicated service begins upon landing, when the aircraft is met by our technicians (at the airport) and immediately brought to the service centre. After a quick and thorough shakedown, it is either washed or has its paint removed, and then goes into the hands of an experienced project team - specially selected to service your aircraft.

Removed engines and components are taken for servicing into the group's various shops.

With its comprehensive capabilities, BATS AVIATION can transform aging aircraft into cost-effective 21st century platforms or perform major repairs, including accident damage and aging and corrosion prevention programs.

Offering services for individual aircraft and for entire fleets, we can perform complete modification and upgrading programs, including massive renovation of the aircraft’s interior, aircraft rewiring, avionics and cockpit modernizations, pylon and wing struts structural modifications for 747s and the installation of APU and fire protection systems - all in accordance with customer specifications.

Our maintenance centre provides Fix Bay Operation to a variety of executive jets.

BATS AVIATION has maintenance centres in multiple international locations for easy local access. In the future we plan to establish a network of maintenance centres in additional countries we are focusing on.


Facilities and Capabilities

  • Total Working Area - 104 acres/422,000 square meters
  • Roofed Area - 40.42 acres/164,000 square meters:
    • 7 wide body hangars (5xB747 or A340 or B777+3xB767/MD-11 A/C bays)
    • 5 narrow body hangars (10 A/C bays +supporting shops for C130 or B707 or B737 or B757 or A320, etc.
    • F-100/F-110 accessory facilities
    • CFM56/P&W4000/JT8D/JT9D/T56 facilities
    • Gs/APUs/propellers/hydraulics/pneumatics and avionics components shops
  • 10 Engine Test Cells





Among a variety of aircraft, BATS AVIATION is a world recognized specialist in the maintenance, upgrade, and modification of the venerable Lockheed Martin C130 aircraft. BATS AVIATION offers a full service, one-stop shop for servicing large aircraft.

It is certified by leading aviation authorities including the US FAA, European EASA, numerous national CAA's worldwide, aircraft OEM's and airlines, and of course military operators including air forces and air arms of national defence and security forces.

To date, our BATS AVIATION has carried out more than 250 C130 PDM’s, and has upgraded and retrofitted dozens of C130's as air-refuelling tankers and other special mission platforms. Additionally, as a one-stop shop, we are fully prepared, equipped and certified to carry out the maintenance of the T56 engines, and on board systems (i.e. APU’s and others) including those on their own maintenance schedules aside from the aircraft PDM.