Coastal Surveillance and Protection

Security is a growing concern for many maritime areas which represent today a complex environment characterized by:

  • Increasing maritime traffic
  • Asymmetric threats, piracy and robbery at sea and at anchor, illegal immigration and smuggling
  • Responsibilities scattered between a multitude of organizations and agencies
  • New security regulations (IMO, ISPS code etc.)

In this context, new challenges emerge:

  • Early detection and fast reaction
  • Various sources of information
  • Coordination with many agencies and authorities
  • Integration of legacy systems
  • No disruption of maritime activity

BATS offers an integrated coastal surveillance system. This 24/7 all-weather solution and cost effective solution provides a powerful capability for:

  • Prevention of illegal activities
  • Vessel traffic management
  • Support for Search and Rescue
  • Port protection
  • Creation of maritime awareness situation picture 

BATS approach is global and covers all aspects of coastal security. The performance of BATS advanced coastal surveillance radars, allow the detection and tracking of hundreds of targets from different types:

  • large vessels but also tiny embarkations
  • low flying targets
  • vehicles and pedestrians

Besides the coastal surveillance radars, BATS integrates other types of sensors such as:

  • Electro-optics for day and night vision
  • AIS
  • Radio Direction Finder
  • VHF & HF communications
  • Sonars etc.

The integration of various types of sensors and the data fusion within a C4I open architecture enable:

  • Interoperability with existing systems and sensors selected by customers
  • Display of surveillance information with automated tools and decision aids
  • Information sharing between different types of users (customs, coast-guards, port authorities etc.)