Border Surveillance and Protection

Homeland borders are another critical priority since through their violation public welfare is threatened by activities such as illegal immigration, smuggling, terrorism etc.


In this context, BATS offers an integrated border surveillance system ensuring the detection, location and targeting of these activities swiftly and accurately, 24 hours a day, even in bad weather and low visibility conditions. BATS solution will be tailored to comply with customer’s concept of operation and organization.


A Command and Control (C2) centre gathers information from a variety of sensors creating a tactical situation awareness picture to inform law enforcement forces, in real time, about any threat so they are able to take immediate action. 


BATS works in close contact with FRONTEX, the EU Agency coordinating the operational cooperation between Member States in the field of border security.


BATS integrates the most appropriate sensors:



          Active fence / Electric Security Fence

          Ground surveillance radar

          Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) 

          Communications interception



          Electro optical sensors

          Video surveillance



           Surveillance radar with automatic and continuous tracking capability

           Radio equipment tracking

           BATS combines various types of surveillance platforms:


Fixed site




Mobile ground platforms

          Onboard vehicles (commercial and military)

          Unmanned ground vehicles (robots)


Deployable ground platforms


          Transportable in vehicle


Airborne platforms

          Aircraft, helicopter